11 Spindle Beveling Machine

Series FXM371P 11 spindle beveling machine adopts chain board drive to process bevel edge and bottom edge of various flat glasses. The machine integrates the operation process including rough grinding, precise grinding and polishing in one machine at the same time. Glasses with the same thickness can be processed continuously by using this equipment; the polished bevel is as smooth as the surface.
Fushan Machinery is an ISO, CE accredited glass machinery supplier in China.



FXM371P 11 spindle beveling machine adopts PLC automatic control system and touch screen, which can process glass sheet with the width of 60mm. The touch screen serves as human-computer interface.


The vertical straight-line glass beveling machine is used for processing bottom edges and corner angles of various flat glasses and mosaic glasses.

Technical Parameter

Type Glass Bevel width Glass Bevel angle Min. Glass Size Glass thickness Speed
mm ° mm mm m/min
FXM371P 60 2.5°~45° 25x25 3~19 0.6~3.0