Glass Cutting Machine

Our company produces glass cutting machine for flat glass including series FHT3727A and series FHT3727B.


Full automatic glass cutting line is composed of automatic loading table, full automatic glass cutting machine and pneumatic glass breaking table, which can realize the assembly-line processing of loading, cutting and breaking.
The glass cutting line adopts the advanced two-shaft-three-link type design, high precision rack, slide rail, servo motor, so as to achieve fast operation, stability and long-term use. It is applicable for processing construction curtain walls, auto windshield, hollow glass, solar glass, or special-shaped glass.


Series FHT3727A is a production line composed of 3 machines.


Glass cutting machine is equipped with CNC control and servo system to realize three axes association. The machine provides belt and pneumatic transmission, which is used for cutting flat glass. It can be used independently or be matched with conveyor section. We provide various specifications according to customers’ requirements.


FHT3727B is a glass cutting machine.


FHT3727B 3700×2700 1500×1500 100~140 3~19 ±0.2 4670×3310×1140 2500
148~108 59×59 3937~5510 1/8~3/4 1/200 184×130×45 5500


Composed of moving track, sucker rotating arms, conveyer section, hydraulic system, vacuum system and electric control system, the automatic glass loading table FHT3727 is able to get the glass, turn it around to horizontal position and transfer glass to the cutting workbench automatically according to the signal. The machine can be matched with various automatic cutting machines, which is reliable and high efficient.