Laminating Glass Line

Our company produces laminating glass line that can be divided into four types: FJE2600, FJE2545, FJE2540 and FJE2800.
The work principle of automatic/semi-automatic flat glass laminating line is as follows: First of all, the original glass sheet should be cleaned and then put into the glass laminator. After being laminated, the glass should be put into pre-press machine to eliminate the air bubble inside the PVB film. At last, the glass will be processed under the condition of high temperature and high pressure to reach the standard of high accuracy.
The control center of the laminating glass line is in glass laminating chamber together with the PLC touch screen, which is very convenient to control.
Shanghai Machinery is an ISO, CE accredited glass machinery manufacturer in China.


Series FJE2600, FJE254, FJE2540 and FJE2800 automatic/semi-automatic flat glass laminating line can process glasses with the maximum dimension of 2600x6000mm.


The laminating glass line is used for processing laminated glass.


Specification FJ2200/FJE2200 FJ2600/FJE2600 FJ2800/FJE2800 FJ3300/FJE3300
Max. working width mm 2200 2600 2800 3300
Max. glass length mm 4000(A1) 6000(A2) 6000(A2) 6000(A2)
Min. glass size mm 400x600 500x800 500x1000 500x1000
Glass thickness mm 3~19 3~19 3~19 3~19
Max. thickness of laminated glass mm 60 60 60 60
PVB rolls unit Rolls 3(B) 3(B) 3(B) 3(B)
PVB laying and cutting system MANUAL OR AUTOMATIC
Production capacity(singer layer) m²/8h 800 1000 1300 1700
Working height mm 890±30 890±30 890±30 890±30
Power(Without Autoclave) kw 160 190 230 280


(A1)Optional 3200-4500mm (A2) Optional 4000-6000mm (B2) Optional 8-16
Serious FJ is the latest design in China,Serious FJE is European design