Radiation Flat Tempering Furnace FT

Series FT radiation flat tempering furnace is the oldest and basic type since Fushan started selling goods to the oversea market. This type of flat glass tempering furnace adopts imported motor and accessories and panel heating mechanism to meet the needs of construction industry and furniture industry. Till now, there are hundreds of oversea customers who have bought series FT radiation flat tempering furnace.


1.The flat glass tempering furnace is made of imported high quality thermal insulation material which can ensure the glass quality and also extend the service life.
2.Unique spiral matrix design can raise the heating rate efficiently and ensure a homogeneous heating treatment.
3.The flat tempering furnace is equipped with pass-type air grid to achieve prominent energy-saving property. 4.High-effect tuyere eliminates stress pattern.
5.This machine is equipped with uninterruptible power supply.
6.Flat glass tempering furnace adopts human-computer interface to provide a direct and convenient operation. 7.simple structure and easy maintenance
8.Shanghai Glass Machinery is an ISO, CE accredited glass tempering furnace manufacturer in China.


The machine is used for making flat tempered glass.


Type Max. Glass size Min. Glass size Glass thickness Capacity Heating Power Installed Power
m x m m x m mm M²/h kw kw
FT1230 1.2x3 0.15x0.3 4~19 42 200 350
FT1525 1.5x2.5 43 240 400
FT1530 1.5x3 51 288 450
FT1536 1.5x3.6 61 336 526
FT1830 1.8x3 61 342 572
FT1836 1.8x3.6 74 399 629
FT2030 2x3 68 378 608
FT2036 2x3.6 82 441 691
FT2042 2x4.2 96 504 784
FT2436 2.4x3.6 98 525 805
FT2442 2.4x4.2 115 600 910
FT2448 2.4x4.8 131 675 985
FT2454 2.4x5.4 148 750 1095

2.4x6 164 825 1255
Note: This parameter is the general type; we provide customized service for special requirements.