Double-curved Glass Bending Furnace FS-DBT

FS-DBT series double-curved glass bending furnace has been successfully put into production in domestic market. It is mainly used to produce the rear window glass for high-grade automobiles, and double curved glass for home appliance and architectural ornament industry.


Double Curvature Bending &Tempering Furnace

1. Advanced forming method: The glass is formed under high temperature, which ensures its smoothness and high quality.
2. Powerful capacity: The double-curved glass bending furnace is able to process various windows with small/big radius and irregular curved tempered glass.
3. Unique heating method: The machine adopts unique electric heating element material design, which extends its service life. Besides, screwy matrix heating method ensures an evenly and quick heating on glass.
4. Energy conservation design: Imported thermal insulation material and reasonable manufacturing technique can guarantee lowest energy-consumption.
5. Easy operation: Full automatic control system, self-diagnostic function and comfortable human- computer interface guarantee an easy operation.
6. Powerful control system: Large capacity for parameter save, scientific process program and online modification of technological parameter meet the requirements of industrial production.
7. Various products: Various series of products can be designed according to customer’s requirements.


Double Curvature Bending &Tempering Furnace

type FS-DBT1508 FS-DBT1510 FS-DBT1810 FS-DBT2010
Max. size 1500x800mm 1500x1000mm 1800x1000mm 2000x1000mm
Min. size 500x500mm
Min. Radius 400mm
Max. Arch Height 100mm 120mm 150mm 150mm
Thickness Range 3.2~6 3.5~6 4~6 4~6
Productivity (Load/hour) 30 30 15 15
KVA Power 700 750 600 600
Application The back-lite and side-lite of carand bus, as glass parts for household appliances and future.
Note This parameter is the general type; we provide customized service for special requirements.