Horizontal Glass Washing Machine

By absorbing the advanced manufacturing technique of cleaning machine from home and abroad, our company independently developed automatic horizontal washing and drying machine for flat glass. The features of the glass washing machine are as follows:
1. Automatic horizontal washing and drying machine can process glasses with the width of 1200-2600mm. The machine is made of seven parts including rack, power transmission part, input section, clean and anhydrate section, drying section, etc.
2. There are two steps to do the cleaning, first step is to use water plus cleaning agent, and second step is to clean both sides with deionized water. The machine adopts stepless speed regulating which provides a wide range of speed choices. The temperature can be set according to the environment humiture.
3. This machine is featured with simple structure, reasonable and reliable design, easy maintenance, steady transmission, which is the idea equipment for glass working factory.
4. The horizontal glass washing machine is installed with LED display to show the specifications. The thickness of glass and speed is adjustable.

Technical Parameter

Type Min. Glass size Max. Glass width Glass thickness Speed Brushes
mm x mm mm mm m/min 4
FX1200 120x120 1200 3~10 0.7~3.5
FX1500 250x250 1500 3~12 0.7~5.5
FX2000 250x320 2000 3~30 1.1~5.5
FX2500 350x420 2500 3~30 1.1~5.5
FX2600 250x320 2600 3~30 1.1~5.5