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Glass Tempering Furnace

Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

1. The flat glass tempering furnace is made of imported high quality thermal insulation material which can ...

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Bend Glass Tempering Furnace

Bend glass tempering furnace is mainly used in construction glass industry, auto glass industry, home appliance ...

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Flat and Bent Glass Tempering Furnace

double-curved glass bending furnace has been successfully put into production in domestic market. It is mainly ...


Combined Glass Tempering Furnace

In order to meet the market requirements, we developed a combined dual chamber flat tempering furnace with two ...



Electric heating glass tempering furnace is also called glass tempering machine or glass tempering furnace. The machine enhances glass strength by taking advantage of physical method which acts on both sides of the glass. The compressive stress works on the glass surface and the tensile stress works inside the glass. When the glass suffers external force, the compressive stress will neutralize the tensile stress to avoid breaking the glass and enhance the glass strength eventually. Except for this, the microcrack in the glass surface become tinier, which also improve the glass strength to some extent.
Our company produces glass tempering furnace including flat glass tempering furnace, glass tempering production line, forced convection tempering furnace, radiation tempering furnace and double row fan forced convection tempering furnace. The electric heating glass tempering furnace is mainly used for producing tempered glass.


1. Light refractory fibre has a good heat preservation effect.
2. The glass tempering furnace adopts Germany designed air cooling system with high cooling efficiency.
3. Resistive heater and ceramic roller tube are made of nano materials, which ensure a long service life.
4. The glass tempering furnace is designed with manual operation discharge mechanism in case of sudden power outages.
5. The machine is equipped with electric frequency converting control draught fan and roller drive.
6. Automatic PLC system adopts Omron software which is more accurate and more stable.
7. The glass tempering furnace is 20% lower than ordinary machine in energy consumption.


1. Shanghai Glass Machinery is an ISO, CE accredited glass machinery manufacturer in China.
2. Shanghai Glass Machinery is a famous trademark in Shanghai Province; it is an experienced manufacturer with more than 20 years’ history, which guarantee the product’s quality.
3. Shanghai Glass Machinery has strong technical support by setting up long-term relationship with several science and technology universities.


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