Silver Mirror Line

Our silver mirror glass product line adopts world leading technology to coat the glass with silver, copper and two layer of protective paint. The glass production line can also produce copper free mirrors. After loading, the glass is conveyed through following sections: washing-polishing-cleaning section, silvering section, coppering section, drying and pre-heating section, etc. The whole process is fully controlled by CNC, which produces high quality silvered mirror to reach the EN1036 standard.


1. Length of the line doesn’t include automatic loading and unloading section.
2. Production output (square meters per 8 hours-shift)
3. Automatic manual loading/unloading sections can be supplied at an additional cost to meet the customer’s special requirements.


speed length 1600 2200 2600 3300
2m/min 70m 1536 2112 2496 3168
3m/min 85m 2304 3168 3744 4752
4m/min 100m 3072 4224 4992 6336