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Glass Edging Machines

Glass Straight-Line Four Edger

Series FDM automatic horizontal glass straight-line four sides edger is professional rectangular glass processing ...


Glass Straight-line Double Edger

Glass straight-line double edger is twice efficient than glass straight line edger, which can polish two edges at ...


Glass Straight-Line Edging Machine

Glass straight line edging grinder is used to grind and polish straight edges for flat glass with different size ...


Glass Straight-Line Beveling Machine

Glass straight-line beveling machine is used for beveling and side edging of glass sheet with different size and ...


Glass Straight-Line Multi-stage Edging Machine

The glass straight-line multi-stage edging machine is used for processing bevel edges, bottom edges, and ...


Glass Straight-Line Pencil/Flat/OG Edging Machine

Series FYM5 glass straight-line pencil/flat/OG edging machine is suitable for processing straight-line edge, round ...


Glass Shape Edger

Single arm glass shape beveling/edging machine is convenient and reliable all-purpose glass deep-processing ...



Glass edging machine is the earliest and most widely used glass deep-processing equipment used for polishing the edges and making special shapes. In order to improve the product’s quality, the machine adopts humanization design and chain drive which is flexible and precise. Compared with the similar products, our glass edging machine has a higher cost performance.
We provide seven series glass edging machines including glass straight-line four edger, glass straight-line double edger, glass straight-line edging machine, etc.


The machine is mainly used to grind and polish the bottom edges and chamfers of ordinary sheet glass, which is widely used in construction and furniture industry.