Combined Dual Chamber Flat Tempering Furnace SFT

Series SFT combined dual chamber flat tempering furnace integrates the advantages of forced convection flat tempering furnace and radiation flat tempering furnace, which is able to produce high smoothness tempered glass with little energy-consumption. The machine is featured with high production efficiency and capacity, which is used for processing high quality tempered glass.


Combined Dual Chamber Flat Tempering Furnace

1. The equipment adopts double heating sections to reduce heating time and raise blower utilization, which will double its capacity.
2. The low temperature environment inside the furnace will enhance the quality of the glass.
3. Combined dual chamber flat tempering furnace can heat the glass evenly without damaging the glass.


Flat Tempering Furnace

type Max. Glass size Min. Glass size Glass thickness Capacity Heating Power Installed Power
m x m m x m mm M²/h kw kw
SFT1525 1.5x2.5 0.15x0.3 4~19 80 480 640
SFT1530 1.5x3 96 576 738
SFT1536 1.5x3.6 115 672 862
SFT1830 1.8x3 113 684 914
SFT1836 1.8x3.6 138 798 1028
SFT2030 2x3 128 756 986
SFT2036 2x3.6 153 882 1132
SFT2042 2x4.2 178 1008 1288
SFT2436 2.4x3.6 184 1050 1330
SFT2442 2.4x4.2 214 1200 1510
SFT2448 2.4x4.8 245 1350 1660
SFT2454 2.4x5.4 276 1500 1845
SFT2460 2.4x6 306 1650 2080


This parameter is the general type; we provide customized service for special requirements.